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         DEFENSE OF VIRUS!!!



For more than couple of weeks this clinic has been working day and night to collect most useful information and statistics to help prevent and recover from this global health crisis coronavirus. Currently, there are seventy thousands patients discharged from the Chinese hospitals, and thousands more are being discharging continuously in China. These exciting facts help us to learn that current health crisis

coronavirus can be overcome. Although these successful statistics are only happening in China up-to-date, they provide enough facts to give us enough hope and confidence to overcome it too. Learn from the winner is one of the keys to be success.

No politic, no B.S. Let’s get to the facts.     


            Knowing what it is and how it can spread can help us to do the best job to     
             prevent it:

  1. What is coronavirus:

It’s a respiratory disease that will destroy lung tissues, eventually suffocate one to death.

  1. How does it spread:

Through the air and physical contact.

  1. How to prevent:

1. Frequently wash hands especially before we touch our face.

2. Wear mask anytime in public or in front of anyone that may attract to the virus. If mask is not available then keep far distance from each other, minimum 5-6 feet away.  

3. Change clothes, wash hair or shower more often, especially whenever you come back home.

4. Definitely avoid going to big meeting, such as more than 2-3 people.

5. Frequently drink warm water and warm tea that will help constantly cleanse the body, which can keep our body cleaning itself in the most efficient way. Besides, virus doesn’t survive well in warm temperature.

6. Put all your clothes under the natural sunlight for couple of hours minimum, that will help kill different germs and virus through its ultraviolet light and heat. This has been working for thousands of years. And has been practiced in most Asian countries for centuries.

              7. Take only necessary herbals or vitamins that especially designed to strengthen our immune system and respiratory system. That provides the most   
              efficient defense to any virus attack.  Preferably, those substances come from naturally food. Also, watch out for scandals. In this time of crisis, I have seen
              lots of scandals, and misleading information and products out there.    

              8. Singing, dance, and laughing etc. are also some of the best activities to stimulate endorphins release to enhance body and mind to heal more efficiently.

              9. Last, but not least: Keep positive attitude. Positive attitude works like stimulant that WILL stimulate our brain to release more endorphin chemical to heal 
              our body cells and organs to the highest efficiency. Therefore, self-healing will reach to the highest efficiency resulting in best chance to recover from any                      disease. This is not theory. This is Physiology reaction and the Laws of Nature. Laws of Nature NEVER fail! This is proven facts for thousands of years and                      proven facts from thousands of discharged Chinese patients in China now!

Today there are many states and countries that have a lot of regulations to restrict social activities but for good reason. However, this will cause a lot of loneliness to a lot of people that may cause lots of emotion problems such as sadness, fear, anger, worry etc. Loneliness becomes one of the most difficult or fearful things to lots of people. Here I want to share an old story from China that will prove to you that loneliness is after all not a bad thing. Instead, it’s a good thing. One day there is a man who went to the mountain to a Shao Lin temple to do meditation to release his stress from years of busy life. As days go by, he learned complicated ideas and thoughts are totally unnecessary to live in a true, healthy, and happy life. By connecting to nature, it can relax his entire body, energy channels, veins and vessels with full amount of oxygen receiving. That also means the body can function to the highest efficiency with any task we do with full amount of energy and positive chemicals. Anybody will feel great and health all the times. The bottom line is simple life is true healthy and happy life. Only nature can help us achieve a simple, healthy and happy life. This man has learned from nature wishes do not equal to necessity of a healthy life such as fancy material things, complicated social life, fake images, ego etc. Necessities such as fresh oxygen, clean water, non-contaminated food as well as balance. Those you can find in nature. Easier life is better and healthier life one will have. These are what have been working for thousands of years.

One day this prince traveled through this mountain area and saw him along meditating. The prince asked, ”How long have you been here?” He replied, “Oh, many days perhaps many weeks”. The prince asked him, “Do you feel lonely here by yourself?” He said, “No, I am not because I was connecting to thousands and millions of things with nature. Now I am lonely because I have to talk to you and disconnect with thousands and millions things in nature.”

From this story, we can learn surrounding ourselves by nature can truly find out what really important thing in life to keep us healthy and happy. And this unlimited power nothing can stop it.

There are several herbal remedies and acupuncture points that were used in China to successfully help people recover from this crisis. For accurate information,  contact us by phone: 801-487-4370 or www.

More information will be posted on our website as time goes on.


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