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Dr. Ding Chinese Health Clinic and Herbals
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 Quality of Dr. Dng's Herbs 

All herbs are

    • Carefully and individual selected and designed by Oriental Medicine Doctor (O.M.D.)/Doctor of Acupuncture and team of nurse practitioner (western medicine practitioner) and registered nurses which provide most up-to-date medical information 
    • Original herbals that had been used in Asia for thousands of years
    • Enhanced and proved effective in 11 years of clinical trials in U.S.
    • Constant updated medical information from research team in China were used to formulate our Chinese herbal medicine
    • 100% Natural, organically grown
    • GMP (Good Manufacturer Practices) Certified by FDA
    • Contain no artificial color
    • Contain no sugar or sodium
    • Has been tested for and contain no microbials or metals
     Dr. Ding Chinese Health Clinic

               3090 E 3300 S (Suite 100)            1910 Prospector Ave. (Floor B) 
      Salt Lake City, UT 84109                        Park City, UT 84060
             (801) 487-4370                                    (801) 487-4370