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 Common Qs. on Chinese Herbal Medicine 
Which herbal is the best for me to use? 
First you need a correct diagnosis, then you can choose what kind of herb is right for you, generally speaking, Chinese herbal medicine is right for you because general speaking, Chinese herbal medicine is the most experienced and has the most varieties among all herbal medicine, so you may have better chance to find what work for you.

Why should I choose Chinese Herbal Medicine?
Chinese Herbal Medicine has 5,500 written years of history and scientific studies.  Statistics has shown the most success rate from Chinese Medicine and minimal to zero negative side effect.

What is in your Chinese Herbal Medicine?
Chinese herbal medicine are mostly come from plants such as trees, barks, leaves, roots of plants.  Therefore, most of them do not change body chemistry so there is no negative side effect.

 How does Chinese Herbal Medicine work?
Chinese Herbal Medicine works by releasing toxins and increasing nutrients and oxygen to the human body.  As a result, it strengthens the body organs, cells and tissues which can bring them back to full normal functional condition.

Why use Dr. Ding's Chinese Herbal Medicine?
          #1 Professional
#1 Quality

   #1 Efficency

#1 Safety 

National Board Certified & State Licensed Oriental Medicine Doctor (O.M.D.) and 
National Board Certified & State Licensed Western Medical Practitioner

#1 Professional, #1 Quality & #1 Safety

*  GMP (Good Manufacturer Products) Certification by FDA

* 100% Natural, organically grown

 * All herbs are formulas from China that has been working for thousands of years in Asia

* All herbs are individually designed & enhanced by Oriental Medicine Doctor (O.M.D.)

* Contains no artificial color, sugar, sodium, microbials or metals  
These herbals products are Owned, Managed, carefully and individually Designed by Dr. Marshall Ding who is the Authority in Chinese Herbal Medicine [Licensed & National certified Oriental Medicine Doctor, Doctor of Acupuncture, Chinese MD from China]. Dr. Ding has a support team of Nurse Practitioner (licensed medical practitioner in U.S.), Registered Nurses to keep up with today modern day's needs.  He incorporated thousands of years of statistics of Chinese Medicine and most recent Western Medicine knowledge to create most updated natural herbal formulas.  In last 12 years of practice in U.S., Dr. Ding truly believes and incorporates both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine to perfect his many different remedies resulting in safe and reliable Chinese herbal medicine as we know today.

In U.S. there is no regulation to guide herb medicine sales which means anyone with no herbal medicine background can prescribe herbal medicine in U.S. such as health food store, supermarket, even gas stations.  While herbs can be sold by anybody, but how is the quality of herbs?  Lots of herbs have no quality control at all.  The source and quality of herbs can also directly affects the result of treatment. 

For those reasons, Dr. Ding has carefully and individually selected the source of his herbs to only several manufacturer brand out of hundred brands.  They are annually inspected by FDA and redeemed GMP (Good Manufacturer Practices) certification by FDA.  Also, these herbs companies market are hospitals (mainly in China, Taiwan) and Oriental Medicine Doctors in U.S., rather than retail store or gas station etc.  Because these herbs are 100% natural, it can be taken with most prescriptions.  Additionally, many of these herbs can help the negative side effects of prescription drugs.

How to use Dr. Ding's Chinese Herbal Medicine?
All Dr. Ding's herbs come with direction on the bottle.  Since Dr. Ding's Chinese Herbal Medicine is 100% natural, the frequency and the duration can be adjusted by patients' response, and they do come with clear instruction on the bottles.

Why most Dr. Ding's herbs' recommended dosages are 2-4 capsules, 3 times a day?
Dr. Ding's herbs are all 100% natural plants so they work like vegetables.  It requires a good amount to reach a therapeutic level.  Unlike concentrated chemical substances such as prescription drugs, the chemical reaction is so extreme that a little overdose can cause big damage or death.  For patients with busy schedule, you can divide the total capsules per day in 2 times daily.  For example, if you are taking 2 capsules, 3 times a day.  Instead, 3 capsules 2 times a day.

Why so many herbs in each of your Chinese herbal medicine?
It is because each herbal has its specific function and the integration of certain herbals together can bring the best result.

What side effect or reaction can I get from Chinese herbal medicine? 
Most Chinese herbal medicine does not have negative side effect.  However, during initial cleansing or detoxification process, patients may experience sore aching body, flu-like symptoms, increase of bowel movements or gas-passing.  But it is only for short period of time and it will go away on its own.

How long does it take for Dr. Ding's herbs to work?
Generally, for acute condition such as cold or flu, bronchitis or food-related diarrhea, it takes the herbs about 1 to 15 days depending on the individual patient.  For chronic condition such as asthma, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it takes the herbs about 2 to 6 months.  Patients should however see a gradual improvement or feel free to contact us for medical advice in the treatment plan.  Before discontinuation of your Chinese herbal medicine, check with your Chinese medicine doctor or medical staff for assurance.



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