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I came to Dr. Ding with saddle anesthesia, which mean I was numb
from the waist down.  He made it so that I have feeling from waist
down to my knees.  I had to quit treatment, but I know he would have 
taken care of that problem too.  If you are in pain, or loss of motion, 
Dr. Ding is the man to come to.  He has excellent bedside manner
and is so knowledgeable about the body and Chinese medicine.  You 
can't go wrong unless you don't make an appointment to see him.
PRAISE THE LORD FOR THIS MAN!  Douglas, A. from Ogden, Utah.

Dr. Ding saved my life!
I have suffered from Hyperthyroidism for over a year before seeing
Dr. Ding.  I have been to many Endocrinologist and other specialists
and NONE of them could help me.  I have spent thousands of 
dollars with alternative and Western treatment and it was a total
waste of time and energy.  Dr. Ding save my life!  I am so grateful
more than words can say for how he has helped me.  Roy, E. from
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dr. Ding is a marvelous man, glad to know him!  Sharon, G. 
from Coalville, Utah.

Dr. Ding is a fabulous healthcare provider!  
I see him as one of my two primary doctors.  Thank you Dr. Ding!  
Linda, T. from Salt Lake City, Utah.

I am truly thankful for Dr. Ding and his staff! 
They are all very kind and respectful.  I am so very glad with his great knowledge 
and teaching of inner peace, healing herbal knowledge, breathing techniques, and 
most of all his precious acupuncture.  He has been such a blessing to me and has 
made it possible for me to  receive even more help, than he already provides.  I 
praise God for Dr. Ding.  Brigett,  A. from Wyoming.

Thank you so very much.  I have brought my 2 sons & my daughters & 
my mother for treatments as well - all with great success!    
I had trigeminal nerve pain in the right side of my head in the temple area. I had 
received a shot at the dentist office for dental work. The needle from the shot hit 
the trigeminal nerve and from that, I had severe pain for three years on the right 
side of my head.
After 3 treatments with Dr. Ding, my pain is completely gone and has remained 
so for several years now. What a blessing for me - especially since my medical 
doctor had told me it was all in my head & said I needed a psychiatrist! It was 
in my head - and I didn't need a shrink - I needed acupuncture & Dr. Ding's 
amazing treatments.  Thank you so very much. I have brought my 2 sons & 
my daughters & my mother for treatments as well - all with great success.  Linda K.


Thank you Dr. Ding for keeping me tuned up and feeling great!  
I have been going to Dr. Ding for over five years now and his methods 
have consistently produced superior results. Thank you, Dr. Ding for keeping me 
tuned up and feeling great.  George from Park City, Utah

Now I know who to turn to for help - Dr. Ding!
I am a cowboy. Lots of heavy lifting. Kicked by my horse. I am also a farmer, 
police officer. Many fights, foot chases, shot 5 times, stabbed and car crashes. 
My body said no more. After living in pain for so long, and being on meds, I 
turned to Dr. Ding. I will hurt again because of my lifestyle. But now I know 
who to turn to for help - Dr. Ding! Gordem, M.

I am surprised & extremely grateful for my experience with Dr. Ding. 
It is a life-long shift in my belief & behaviors & decisions concerning 
my health.

My first experience with Dr. Ding began when I was 57 years old. I had lived with 
increasingly severe back & hip pain for 5 years. After many doctors from Utah to 
Chicago, dozens of MRIs & X-rays & pain injections, I finally made the desperate 
decision to try acupuncture. After 3 weeks of 3x week treatments, I began to 
notice an improvement. After 2 months I had improved 50%. And at 5 months I 
had a 90% improvement. Before I began with Dr. Ding I was able to walk or 
stand 45min. to an hour and then I would start taking tylenol or Rx drugs for pain. 
Five months into treatment I helped my daughter for 11 hours, non-stop move & 
unpack her kitchen boxes, I did not take any pain meds when I finished. As 
significant as this amazing result - I have also noticed a marked overall 
improvement in my health & my energy level. Anxiety and depression has 
decreased. Stress and tension has decreased. I have appreciated Dr. Ding's 
teaching better ways of breathing, eating, living ... I am surprised & extremely 
grateful for my experience with Dr. Ding. It is a life-long shift in my belief & 
behaviors & decisions concerning my health. There is a time for western medicine 
- But as often as possible I will use acupuncture and Chinese methods for a more 
healthy life without side effects. Geri

Dr. Ding is Amazing!
I first went to Dr. Ding over a year ago for a horrible sciatic nerve problem 
that no other dr.seemed to be able to help,  I couldn't even sit down or 
bend over, it was so bad.  By time I was done with my first session of 
acupuncture, I was actually able to bend over and tie my shoe!  It was 
amazing!  I now visit Dr. Ding religiously for routine maintanance, as 
my overallgeneral health is greatly improved.  Thanks Dr. Ding!  Ken

Dr. Ding is Wonderful!
His treatments work miracles and make me feel wonderful every time.  
I am so grateful that a man of his talent and integrity is so available to 
all of us!  I so look forward to seeing him and learning something new 
every time!  Thank you for being YOU!  Mary


I just my my first acupuncture ever and it was incredible.  Dr. Ding is very knowledgeable and 
friendly.  When you first walk into the place the positive energy immediately hits you.  You can 
tell that the place has been Feng Shui'd out.  The place is decorated very nicely to give you an 
authentic Asian feel.  When I was done it felt like I had an 8 hour message.  It felt really good.  
It is not just for people with health issues.  You can also go to do general maintenance like I did.  
I hardly felt the needles.  I would recommend Dr. Ding and getting acupuncture as maintenance 
or if you have health issues.  Conston

Thank you Dr. Ding! You are "the bomb"! 
I have been sending patients to Dr. Ding now for almost nine years and all with miraculous results!  I have sent broken up crippled cowboys that now are in such good shape that they want to ride the rodeos again!  Thank you Dr. Ding!  You are "the bomb"!  Katherine

Dr. Ding is the Patch Adams of Park City!
His acupuncture and Chinese herbs have helped me 
control my MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  Thank You Dr. Ding!  Carol

Dr. Ding is wonderful! 
Dr. Ding:
                Thank You for healing me before the ski season!

Dr. Ding is a Miracle Worker! 
I have been seeing him for 2 years.  I originally went to him for 
chronic knots behind one of my shoulder blades. After a few acupuncture sessions,I was knot 
free! I've seen him for routine sessions since, simply because I LOVE acupuncture.  If you 
ask me, it's better than massage!  Connie

Dr. Ding is Awesome! 
Thank You for all your help!  You have change my life!  I couldn't have walked again without you!  David


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